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Welcome to my website.

My name is Elżbieta Michno-Jędraszek.

Let me introduce you to something, which has been part of me for the 20 years. I took my first steps at Ms. Barbara Hulanicka's weaver's shop. Thanks to this particular excellent artist, decorative fabrics, precisely goblins, have become my passion.
I created individual fabrics (based on my own projects) as well as copies of well-known paintings or Wawel arrasses. I have also been fascinated by the creations of a famous secessionist Alfons Mucha. His posters are simply ideal to spring up as goblins. The ornamental edge, complicated details, rich coloring, soft conversions. All these factors make fabrics very labour-consuming but striking.

The results of my work you can judge yourself...

I can also create fabrics on individual requests according to client's projects. The realisation period depends of the size and level of difficulty of the gobelin.

Technical Data:
The fabrics are made on linen. They are made of natural wool, double-twisted (thin and equal). The wool is dyed and varnished by ecologically friendly preparations.

Telephone: +48 89 542-04-90, +48 794-402-518, +48 793-402-518

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